Sitemap - 2021 - Philosophy in Progress

Is There a Political 'Use it or Lose it' Principle?

Civil Liability of Gun Manufacturers for Gun Crimes?

Louis Lavelle on the Stoic Wisdom

On Acquiring a Large Vocabulary

Alain on Keeping to the Present

Trotsky's Faith in Man

Why do We Judge People by their Attire?

The Trial of Kyle

The Tree and the House

The Mighty Tetrad: Money, Power, Sex, and Recognition

Seriousness as Camouflage of the Nullity of Our Lives

Are There Reproductive Rights?

Are You a Gray Man?

Liberals Need to Preach What They Practice

Does it Make Sense for Libertarians to Stand for Open Borders?

Josiah Royce and the Religious Paradox

A Part-Time Monk's Solution to Suggestibility

Generic and Specific Problems of Evil

Theodor Haecker on the Teaching of Latin and Greek

Toleration Extremism: Notes on John Stuart Mill

Is Hegel Guilty of 'Epochism'?

Alypius and the Gladiators

A Dozen Observations on Free Speech

Can You Harm a Dead Man?

Would Naturalism Make Life Easier?

"We are all bothered by different things"

Maximilian Kolbe

Idolatry and Atheism

True For and True

Three Arguments against Capital Punishment Demolished

Four Senses of 'Absurd'

The Uselessness of Stoicism in the Face of Death

Profiling, Prejudice, and Discrimination

IQ and the Truth-Intolerant Left

Montaigne on Why Language Matters

Conspiracy Theories?

Does the Potentiality Argument Prove Too Much?

Patriotism versus Jingoism

Nietzsche, Truth, and Power

No Polity without Comity

Desert Light Draws Us into the Mystical

Why Did Thomas Aquinas Leave his Summa Theologiae Unfinished?

Slow Down and Accomplish Non-Accomplishment

On Toleration: With a Little Help from Kolakowski

The Enigmatic B. Traven and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Happiness Maxims

Is it Rational to be Politically Ignorant?

The Lure of the Trail

Can One Change One's Race?

The Role of Concupiscence in the Decline of the Catholic Church

Leftists Regularly Abuse Language: 'Gun Buy Back'

The Ought-to-Be, the Ought-to-Do, and the Aporetics of "Be Ye Perfect"

Can Mere Thoughts be Morally Wrong?

Is Everything in the Bible Literally True?

Even Misfits Find their 'Fit'

On Transcending Tribalism: A Critique of Jonathan Haidt

If You are a Conservative, Don't Talk Like a 'Liberal'

At the Mercy of a Little Piece of Iron

Why Are We Discussing This?

The Atheist

'Progressives' Need to Preach What They Practice

A Defense of David Benatar Against a Scurrilous Attack

The Academic Job Market in the 'Sixties

Should Felons Have the Right to Vote?

Ten Impediments to Religious Belief

On Books and Gratitude

Courage: The Rarest of the Virtues

Contra Adorno: A Preliminary Plea for Omphaloscopy

What is Wrong with Illegal Immigration?

On the 'Inconceivability' of Death

A Monk and his Political Silence

The Self-Reliant Don't Snivel

Asymmetrical Polarization

The State under Leftism: Totalitarian with Bread and Circuses

David French, Christianity, and Politics

In Defense of Double Cultural Appropriation

Charles Bukowski Meets Simone Weil

A Fundamental Contradiction of Socialism

Dennis Prager on Liberalism, Leftism, and Race

Hocking on the Value of the Individual

Of Cats and Mice, Laws and Criminals

Leftists and Civility


Whether 'Image and Likeness' Supports God's Having a Body

Answering Questions with Questions

Two Cures for Envy

Narratives and the Left