Read on, and you will find two more reasons
Unlimited power, unlimited tyranny
"When I think of Nancy Pelosi, I think of dignity."
I read John D. Caputo years ago, in the late '70s, in connection with work I was doing on Heidegger. I read a couple of his early Heidegger articles and…
To oppose relativism is not to embrace dogmatism.
I am disturbed as a citizen but fascinated as a philosopher at the spectacle of our republic's collapse. But we fight on in the twilight.
An argument increasingly lame, now totally non-ambulatory
The role of consciousness
Don't confuse a discussion society with a political party!
Some simple distinctions
The cause of theism is not well-served by the caricaturing of atheists as all of the same stripe.
The explanatory role of 'skin in the game'