Sitemap - 2022 - Philosophy in Progress

The Introvert Advantage

Conscience, Brain, and Scientistic Pseudo-Understanding

A Battle of Titans: Plato versus Aristotle

Thomas Merton and Jan van Heijenoort

Three Reasons to Stay Home

Death, Consolation, and 'Life Goes On'

Sadness at the Transience of the World

Memory: Content and Affect

The Afterlife of Habit upon the Death of Desire

Care of Soul and Body

In Praise of the Useless

Buddhism, Suffering, and One Reason I am not a Buddhist

Servility Will Cower to Force

Nancy Pelosi and the Divine Spark

Is Reason a White Male Euro-Christian Construct?

Relativism and Dogmatism

On Fetterman and 'Ableism'

Free Speech, Censorship, Toleration, and a Lame Libertarian Argument

Anti-Natalism, Zombies, and the Value of Life

Third Parties: Discussion Societies in Political Drag

Einstein, Relativity, and Relativism

Berdyaev on the Moral Source of Atheism

Slavery, Abortion, and 'Skin in the Game'

Negativity: The Spirit of the Left

Leftist Omni-Politicization

Kierkegaard on the Impotence of Earthly Power

Divine Light, Sex, Alcohol, and Kerouac

On the Correct Use of 'Begging the Question'

Work, Money, Living, and Livelihood

Technical Philosophy, Compartmentalization, and Worldview

Can Evil be Eradicated?

"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"

Minimal Metaphysics for Meditation

Cacoethes Scribendi

Can an Atheist be Moral?

The View from Mount Zappfe

Pascal, Buber, and the God of the Philosophers

Buber on Buddhism

Is 'Monkey Pox' Racist?

The Pig, the Fool, and Socrates

Why Women are 'Over-Represented' among Realtors

Generic Statements

Withdrawn from Circulation

Which Side Are You On?

Philosophy under Attack

Fetal Rights and the Death Penalty: Consistent or Inconsistent?

Word of the Day: Cack-Handed

On 'Stuff' and 'Ass'

When Politics Becomes Like Philosophy

For the Left, the Issue is Never the Issue

Three Lockean Reasons to Oppose the Democrats

Could Free Will be an Illusion?

Rand and Peikoff on God and Existence

The Orwellian Use of Approbatives: 'Democracy'

Free Speech Absolutism?

Long Views and Short Views

Abortion and the Wages of Concupiscence Unrestrained

Why Be Consistent?

A Curious Phrase, 'Infra Dig'

Callicles as Precursor of De Sade

The Consolations of Philosophy

The Question of the Reality of God: Wittgensteinian Fideism No Answer

Ratzinger on the Resurrection of the Body

Wittgenstein on Christianity

The Philosopher and the Christian

Husserl, Thomas, and Sister Adelgundis

Merit and 'Equity'

Lecturer on Personal Identity Denied Honorarium

Be Positive!

Politics and Ridicule in a Post-Consensus Age

Meditation as Disciplined Non-Thinking

Integralism in Three Sentences

The Conservative Disadvantage

Crises There Will Always Be

Nietzsche, Salvation, and the Question of the Value of Life

On Reverence

Secular Arguments against Abortion

Cigarettes, Rationality, and Hitchens

Death as the Muse of Morality Limits our Immorality

The No True Scotsman or No True Muslim Fallacy

Critical Race Theory Attracts the Uncritical

Quietism Versus Activism

The Worst Thing about Poverty

Does Russell's Teapot Hold Water?

Life's Fugacity