Many survivalists are extremists. But extremism is everywhere, in the longevity fanatic, the muscular hypertrophy nut, and so on.

That being said, the wise, while hoping  for the best,  prepare for the worst.  But the prepping is kept within reason, where part of being reasonable is maintaining a balanced perspective.  A balanced approach, for me, does not extend to the homemade rain barrels that some recommend.  But I do keep a lot of bottled water and other non-alcoholic potables on hand.  A righteous supply of spirits is also not a bad idea for a number of reasons, one of which is barter. Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

1. Have you secured your domicile? That’s the first thing to do. If the defenses fail, are you prepared to repel a home invasion meeting deadly force with deadly force? Are you prepared for a break down in civil order? 
2. Do you have sufficient food and water to keep you and your family alive for say three weeks?
3. Do you have the battery-operated devices you will need to survive the collapse of the power grid, and enough fresh batteries?
4. Can you put out a fire on your own? 
5. Do you have a sufficient supply of the medications you will need should there be no access to pharmacies?

These are just some of the questions to consider.  But how far will you go with these preparations?  Will you sacrifice the certain present preparing for a disastrous future that may not materialize?  Wouldn't that be foolish?  Wouldn't it be as foolish as the ostrich-like refusal to consider questions like the above?

And then there is the question of suicide, which you ought to confront head on. Do you want to live in the state of nature after the collapse of civil society?  Under what conditions is life worth living?  Civilization is thin ice, a crust easy  to break through, beneath which is  a hell of misery.  (Yes, I know I'm mixing my metaphors.)  When the going gets unbearable, could you see your way clear to providing your spouse with the means of suicide and then killing yourself?  Are there good moral objections to such a course of action? 

Think about these things now while you have time and enjoy peace of mind.